School Calendar 2019/2020

School Calendar 2019

*Dates for staff training days may be added to this in consultation with the Dept. Ed.*

Mon 26th Aug School re-opens 5th Years 2pm-3.20pm (Return Monday 2nd Sept full day)
Tues 27th Aug School opens for 1st Years 11am-12.45pm (Parents/ Guardians are invited for coffee at 12.00)
Wed 28th Aug School opens for 2nd yrs. 8.57-11.05am (Return Monday 2nd Sept full day)
Thurs 29th Aug School opens 3rd & 6th Years 8.57am- 11.05am (Both Years return Mon 2nd Sept full day)
Fri 30th Aug School open for transition year students 8.57am- 11.05am (Return Monday 2nd Sept full day)

Mon 2nd School open again for All Years Full Day 8.57am-4.00pm