School Calendar 2019/2020

School Calendar 2019

*Dates for staff training days may be added to this in consultation with the Dept. Ed.*

Mon 26th Aug School re-opens 5th Years 2pm-3.20pm (Return Monday 2nd Sept full day)
Tues 27th Aug School opens for 1st Years 11am-12.45pm (Parents/ Guardians are invited for coffee at 12.00)
Wed 28th Aug School opens for 2nd yrs. 8.57-11.05am (Return Monday 2nd Sept full day)
Thurs 29th Aug School opens 3rd & 6th Years 8.57am- 11.05am (Both Years return Mon 2nd Sept full day)
Fri 30th Aug School open for transition year students 8.57am- 11.05am (Return Monday 2nd Sept full day)

Mon 2nd School open again for All Years Full Day 8.57am-4.00pm


Tues 15th 6th Year PT meeting 4pm-6.30pm

Thurs 24th 3rd Year PT meeting 4pm-6.30pm

Friday 25th School closes for Mid-Term Break 3.20pm



Mon 4th School re-opens 8.57am

Tues 12th 2nd Year PT meeting 4pm-6.30pm

Thurs 14th JCT cluster Day Staff Training School Closed

Wed 27th 5th Year PT meeting 4pm-6.30pm



Mon 16th Junior Cycle Staff Training School Closed

Fri 20th School closes for Christmas Hols


January 2019

Mon 6th School re-opens 8.57am

Wed 15th 1st Year & Transition Year PT meetings 4pm-6.30pm



Fri 14th School closes for Mid-Term Break 3.20pm

Mon 24th School re-opens 8.57am



Fri 13th Staff Training Day School Closed

Mon 16th School closed (as per calendar decision)

Tues 17th School closed St. Patrick’s Day



Fri 3rd School closes for Easter Hols 3.20pm

Mon 20th School re-opens 8.57am



Mon 4th School closed Bank Holiday

Fri 31st School closes for Summer Hols by 12.30pm