Green Schools

The Green Schools got out of the traps early in 2011/2012 by raising awareness of recycling in the school by hosting a “Green Week” in early October.  During the week a poster & slogan competition was held amongst first year classes, bulb planting was organised to improve the school environs and a recycling relay race was held in the school gym.  Students were made aware of the locations of the recycling bins during assembly.  Recycling bins were also placed in every classroom for paper, plastic and cans.  A marked improvement in the rubbish going to landfill was recorded (30% reduction).

The Green Schools committee are making more plans by the week to improve the school environment and increase students recycling habits.

We are currently trying to gain the green schools travel flag. On January 23rd 2017 we launched the WOW Campaign. This aims to make St Mary’s a CAR FREE ZONE on Wednesdays and encourages students to walk or cycle to school, which also ties in with the Health Promoting Schools Campaign.

Our 4th Green Flag was most recently awarded on 17th May 2018 for travel. Congratulations to all involved.




Remember St. Mary’s Green code:  “Recycling is cool in a litter free school”