Updated School News

Notice to our 6th Years:

Hi Lads,


Please find attached the following documents which are VERY IMPORTANT for you to read in relation to registering for the Predicted Grade Leaving Cert:


All students must register on this portal https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/d8920c-leaving-cert-2020/?referrer=http://www.gov.ie/leavingcertificate/ , to register their subjects and the levels that they are taking in the individual subjects.


Please find attached to this email the following which will help you with this process:



This portal will be open from 10am tomorrow Tuesday 26th May to 10am Thursday 28th May. All students must register during this time.


In order for students to register they must have:


  • Leaving Cert Examination Number – students should know this but tis may be obtained by calling the school office 0419837581 or emailing office@stmarysds.ie
  • PPS Number
  • An email address
  • Mobile telephone number


Important Information regarding students taking Subjects Outside of School


Some students may have been taking an extra subject outside of school such as a language, applied Maths etc….


If any student was previously registered for an extra subject not taught in St Mary’s, please email lnoone@stmarysds.ie with the following information:


  • Subject
  • Level
  • Name of Institute/Centre of Education and phone number & address of Institute/Centre of Education
  • Name of Tutor and contact details


If applicable, please send this information to us by Friday 29th May.


Kind Regards


Ciaran O’Hare


St Mary’s Diocesan School