Updated School News

School Closure

As per Department of Education directives and on the advice of the HSE & Office of An Taoiseach, The school will be closed until Monday 30th March due to the public health issue of Covid-19.

All students have been made aware of this development through a series of assemblies today. The school management also advised/directed the students to:


  • Take all necessary books home and/or download books to study
  • Teachers will email students work to do each Friday and at other regular intervals during the school closure. Some teachers/Students use online platform such as Office 365, Edmodo and One Note where students can share and collaborate in their work. 
  • Most teachers will be sharing work through office 365; when students open their email address they should first check their inbox in Outlook on the left hand panel.  They should also check two other locations for assigned work-

1. Groups (which can be found on the left hand panel beneath the list)

2. In apps Class Notebooks  (Note: Initial use of a Notebook requires the student to follow the link in the student’s email from the creating teacher)

  • It is the students responsibility to do this work and revise/study during this period.
  • All students should keep a general school routine going during the day. This is considered best practice in maintaining academic attainment and potential.

If there are any issues with email/passwords please email lnoone@stmarysds.ie for help and details.


The following was also discussed and advised at assemblies:

  • Proper hygiene to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as directed and advised by the HSE
  • Listen to further advise from the HSE and medical personnel in relation to the virus and not from social media.
  • If any student is anxious regarding this public health issue, please talk to your parents and/or family about the concerns.
  • Every person in the community/country must play a part in the following weeks by adhering to HSE advice on all matters regarding this public health issue.


The school will continue to communicate via the School App, website and by text as deemed necessary during this period.


The Board of Management of St Mary’s wish all families the very best over the coming weeks.

 Thank you


Ciaran O’Hare