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Students by now are replying to emails from their teachers; seeking clarifications and submitting work. It is really important that email addresses do not become clogged up with unnecessary emails. One teething problem we are encountering is that students are replying to all in their emails – meaning all their classmates are receiving their query or their work as well as their teacher.
This email service is to help with school work in this unprecedented time and we are all learning to work digitally together. In the future with email use when responding use “reply” ( both reply- a single arrow and reply all- a double arrow are at the top right of your email window when working on a pc/ laptop/tablet)
On a phone, when you have outlook downloaded to your handset, when you click on the reply arrow a set of options pop up – Reply, Reply all,Forward, Print – Select Reply.
Or you can start a new email and directly email the person you wish to correspond with as you now have that teachers email.
Please do not use reply all – otherwise a lot of people will get a lot of emails and this could become very overwhelming.
Best of luck with your studies.
Stay safe and well.
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