Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Supervised Evening Study
    The school runs supervised study every Monday-Thursday
    Please contact school office for more information.
  • Badminton
    Coach – Ms S. Caine
    • U14
    • U16
    • U19
  • Rugby
    Coaches – Mr C. Ledwith, Ms C. Kelly, Ms Peppard
    • 1st & 2nd Year
    • Junior
    • Senior
  • Basketball
    Coaches – Mr N. Kelly, Ms J. Kealy, Ms Y Geagan
    • 1st Year
    • 2nd Year
    • U16
    • U19
  • Soccer
    Teams & Coaches
    • 1st year – Mr G. Spain
    • U15 – Mr G. Spain
    • U17 – Mr G. Brett, Mr B. Hobbs
    • U19 – Mr J. Murphy
  • GAA
    Teams & Coaches
    • 1st Year – Mr A. Costigan
    • U16 – Mr C. Campbell, Mr . S Barrett
    • U14 – Mr A. Costigan, Ms G. Coleman
    • U18 – Mr J. Branigan, Mr D. Thornton
  • Golf
    Teams – coached by Mr J. Branigan
    • Junior
    • Senior
  • Pitch & Putt
    Teams coached by Mr J. Branigan
  • Photography Club
    Organised by Ms R. Curtis
  • Debating
    Organised by Ms A. Hughes Ms M Strutt
  • 1st year Clubs
    (board games, chess etc…)
    Organised by school Prefects
  • Fifa –PlayStation Tournament
    Organised by students
  • Tennis
    Coached by Mr A. Costigan
  • Table Tennis
    Organised at lunch by prefects
  • Chess
    Organised by prefects
  • Computers
    Organised by prefects
  • Quiz Teams
    Organised by Mr T. Giblin
  • Drama/ Public Speaking
    Transition Year
  • St Mary’s Got Talent
    Organised by Ms R. Curtis
  • Library
    Organised by Ms A. Brady
  • Youth Leadership
    Organised by prefects and members of the students’ council.
  • Gaisce
    Organised by Ms S. Hickey and Ms E. Fleming
  • School & Class Trips
    Home and abroad. Organised by class/subject teacher.
  • Green Schools
    Organised by Ms H. Martin and Ms. J. Kealy
  • Student Council
    Organised by Ms C. McNicholas

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