Spanish – Senior Cycle


The following general aims are proposed by this syllabus for the teaching and learning of modern languages in the senior cycle.

  1. To foster in learners such communicative skills in the target language as will enable them to:
    o take a full part in classroom activities conducted in the target language;
    o participate in normal everyday transactions and interactions, both spoken and written, both at home and abroad;
    o extract information and derive enjoyment from the mass media and the more accessible literature of the target language community;
    o consider as a realistic option the possibility of pursuing leisure activities, further study and/or career opportunities through the medium of the target language.
  2. To give pupils a critical awareness of how meaning is organised and conveyed by the structures and vocabulary of the target language, and thus to contribute to their
    understanding of the workings of human language in general
  3. To help learners develop strategies for effective language learning.
  4. To equip learners with a broad acquaintance with the cultural, social and political complexion of countries in which the target language is a normal medium of communication and thus to help raise their awareness of cultural, social and political diversity generally.


All candidates will be assessed on their ability to
(a) demonstrate an understanding of the spoken target language in brief and more extended forms in a variety of registers and situations
(b) demonstrate an understanding of the written target language in brief and more extended forms in a variety of registers
(c) express themselves with relative fluency and correctness in the target language both in speech and in writing in order to describe, obtain and convey information, offer explanations, and express ideas, opinions and feelings.