Religious Education – Senior Cycle


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Religious Education is taught as both as a non-exam subject and an exam option for the Leaving Certificate. It is there to be chosen as an exam subject in both fifth and sixth year.

Overview of Non-Exam Religious Education:

A Curriculum Framework For Senior Cycle Non-Exam Religious Education is followed:

Summary of contents

Section A: The Search for meaning

Section B: Christianity

Section C: Morality

Section D: Celebrating Faith

Section E: God-Talk

Section F: A Living Faith-Doing Justice

Section G: Story


Individual teachers cover these sections during fifth and sixth year depending on personal preference.

Overview of Leaving Certificate Religious Education:

The exam course consists of the following sections:

O     Unit One:

-Section A: The Search for Meaning and Values* (Compulsory)

  • Unit Two:

–          Section B: Christianity

–          Section C: World Religions

–          Section D: Moral Decision Making

*Any Two of Unit Two

O     Unit Three:

-Section E: Religion and Gender

-Section F: Issues of Justice and Peace

-Section G: Worship, Prayer and Ritual

-Section H: The Bible, Literature and Sacred Text

-Section I: Religion: The Irish Experience

-Section J: Religion and Science

*Any one from Unit Three: plus the two from this list that are set for the project; one of the two are chosen for this. This sections choices change every two years.

Project (Coursework)

O     Worth 20% in total.

O     You get a choice of topics on TWO of the sections in unit 3, they change every two years.

O     Split in two: Part A=10% an investigation….like an essay on your topic with your findings

O     Part B= 10% a personal reflection answering questions on your research.

O     This is generally completed in 5th Year.

O     This is a subject that overlaps with various subjects such as; History, Classics, English.

O     There are overlaps with Junior Cert Religion, but also completely new topics.