Physics – Senior Cycle


The aims of the syllabus, common to both levels, are:
• to give students an understanding of the fundamental principles of physics and their application to everyday life and technology
• to develop an appreciation of physics as a human endeavour, thereby enriching the students’ experience of life
• to provide a reasonably broad perspective of physics, thus developing an understanding of the physical environment and of how human beings interact with it
• to provide a general education in physics for all students, whether or not they proceed to further studies in physics
• to develop the ability to observe, to think logically, and to communicate effectively
• to develop an understanding of the scientific method
• to develop an appreciation of physics as a creative activity, using informed intuition and imagination to create an understanding of the beauty, simplicity and symmetry in nature.

Assessment objectives
The syllabus will be assessed under the headings knowledge, understanding, skills, and competence. The attitudinal objectives will be assessed where feasible. All material within the syllabus is examinable. It should be noted that STS is examinable. Students will be expected to have a knowledge of general applications but will not be required to have a detailed knowledge of specific applications. Practical work is an integral part of the study of physics; it will initially be assessed through the medium of the written examination paper. An element of practical assessment may be included as part of the overall assessment at a later stage.