Technology – Junior Cycle

Subject Overview

Technology is the achievement of human purposes through the disciplined use of materials, energy and natural phenomena. Technology education involves students in developing their knowledge and skills, and in applying these through suitable tasks.


Knowledge and skills:

  • Communications
  • Craft and materials
  • Energy and control
  • Technology and Society

Design Procedure:

  • Problem identification
  • Research of information
  • Conceptualisation and modelling
  • Production
  • Evaluation


The set of tasks, through which the student applies his/her knowledge and skills in the process of finding a solution to a problem, involve both progression (from closed to more open-ended tasks) and balance (in terms of range of resources, criteria, and relevance).


Junior Certificate Technology is assessed at both Ordinary level and Higher level by means of a terminal examination paper and a student project.


Junior Certificate Technology was introduced into schools on a developmental basis, beginning in September 1989. A review of provision for technology education in the junior cycle has taken place and work on syllabus revision for these subjects will commence in 2006/2007.