Junior Cycle

In the first 3 years, leading to junior Certificate, we offer our students a wide range of choices from the following list. Some of these are compulsory requirements, while the optional subjects studied will depend on the class group of the particular student.

Core Subjects:

Religious Education Irish English Mathematics
Physical Education French/Spanish Geography History
Wellbeing Science S.P.H.E. C.S.P.E

The students study either French or Spanish.


After sampling the subjects the students choose two from the following:

Materials (Wood) Technology Technical Graphics Music
Technology Business
 Art Classical Studies

Wellbeing, S.P.H.E. and P.E. are not examination subjects. C.S.P.E. is also not an exam subject for 1st and 2nd years (2018-2019)


Having completed their Junior Certificate students commence their Senior Cycle. They may opt to do Transition Year,  following a selection process, or they may go straight into the Leaving Certificate Programme.

Transition Year (TYO)


Rather than going directly to the Senior Cycle after the Junior Certificate the students may proceed to Transition Year. This is an optional year, of one class, which allows the students to learn what wouldn’t necessarily be taught in the classroom. Also, students gain experience of the world outside the school by participating in such events as work experience. The year prepares the students for the Senior Cycle, while developing their sense of responsibility and also gives them a chance to mature.

The subjects the students study are the following:

Geography English Mathematics Music Appreciation Irish
Law History French/Spanish Enterprise  Ag Science
Film studies Chemistry Biology Home Economics  Art History
Debating Faith Development Drama


Senior Cycle:


All of our students study 7 examination subjects from a very comprehensive list. In consultation with the guidance counsellor students are asked to select the combination of subjects which best fit their personal needs. The Senior Cycle timetable is only drawn up after the needs of the students have been established. THERE ARE NO PRESELECTED COMBINATIONS OF SUBJECTS. We aim to provide students with the greatest possible choice. Upon completion of the Junior Certificate the students advance to the Senior Cycle where they choose four subjects out of the following:

Geography Agricultural Science Music Art
Accounting History French/Spanish DCG
Economics Chemistry Biology
Construction Studies Religious Education Business

Along with these, the students must study Irish, English & Mathematics. Religious Education, P.E. , Computers and Guidance are taken by all students as non-examination subjects. The only exception to this is those who take Religious Education as a Leaving Cert exam subject. L.C.V.P is also offered as an additional subject to those students whose subjects match its criteria.