Book Lists


To download book lists for the coming school year 2018/2019 please click on the relevant link below

Lists Updated 28/05/2018

Codes for

The quick access codes may be entered on the right hand side of the home page:

  • CWZE1y  – 1st year, CWZE2y  – 2nd year, CWZE5y  – 5th year, CWZE6y  – 6th year
  • The voucher code to give 10% discount is SMDS18.  This code expires on the 12th June
  • Book sale in the school on 19th June 9am – 12 pm – 5% discount (cash & card)

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Book List for incoming FIRST YEARS 2018/19

Book List for 2nd Years 2018/19

Book List for 5th Years 2018/19

Book List for 6th Years 2018/19