Anti Bullying Policy

St Mary’s Diocesan School Anti-Bullying Policy


image-pdfThis policy sets out how issues of bullying will be managed in St. Mary’s Diocesan School in accordance with the DES Guidelines on Countering Bullying in Primary and Post Primary Schools (1993) advice contained in the DES Template for developing an Anti-bullying Policy (DES 2006) and complies and uses Anti Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools

Our Anti-Bullying Policy forms part of our school’s Code of Behaviour, and where necessary, incidents of bullying will be dealt with under the Code of Behaviour.

It was consulted with Staff, Parents and Students and was ratified by the Board of Management on 8th May 2012 and has been reviewed and edited on dates given at the close

The school takes a clear, direct and unambiguous approach to bullying and is committed to creating an environment where bullying is not acceptable. All incidents will be dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner.

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